House of God

March 24, 2019 Download: Audio

Psalm 84

Psalm 84 is meant to give you an appetite for worship. Psalms like this are so needed in today’s world where marketplace Christianity is more familiar than the real presence of God. When the sum of your faith is social media verses dressed in beautiful pictures, blogs, podcasts, and short videos, with the occasional obligatory attendance at what we call “church”, you miss what we are meant to embrace. You miss what is meant to satisfy the emptiness of your soul. The Psalms, particularly this one, speak to the heart as much, if not more, than the head. They are meant to stir the longings that are there. They point us to real experiences. In Psalm 84 we find a description of God’s dwelling place from those who are in a unique position to know. They give us a voice that speaks from personal, first-hand experience. What do they show us? The beauty, the beloved nature, of God’s dwelling place.