Ingredients for Godliness: Worship

October 12, 2014 Download: Audio Notes

Malachi 1:6-14

What is it that you worship? What is it that has captured your heart; that thing to which you look for refreshment, joy, and a sense of life? What do you drink, so to speak, to satisfy the longing of your soul? Whatever it is, the next generation will see it. They will “catch it” and, at the very least, give it a close consideration because they see its affect on you.

Is it the Lord? We call our service a time of worship each Sunday morning. We follow a pattern in the worship service, a liturgy, which is meant to facilitate worship to the Lord as it communicates things about God and our relationship with God. You may even come faithfully each week to this worship service. That doesn’t mean that God is the one to whom your heart is attached. You may think you’ve worshiped God when in reality your heart is somewhere else altogether. You may fool yourself, but you don’t fool the next generation. They know whether or not your worship is real.

To leave a godly legacy, your worship of God must be real.