Learning to Follow Jesus

February 6, 2022 Download: Audio

Romans 12:1-2

To be saved not only means we are saved from the judgment of God, but that we are also saved from a way of life that merits that judgment. Imagine a hardened criminal who has been arrested for a crime and, for some reason, receives mercy from the judge who lets him go free. Will that freedom change him or will he go on living the same hardened criminal lifestyle he once lived? What good was that mercy if it doesn’t change him?

Like that criminal we’ve been granted mercy and that mercy is meant to change the way we live. If that’s going to happen, we have to learn how to look at life differently. We have to learn to think differently. That means we have to learn how to look at life through the eyes of the Kingdom rather than the eyes of the world. We have to learn how to follow Jesus.