Life is Hard, Then You Die

June 9, 2019 Download: Audio

Ecclesiastes 3:16-4:3

I want to take you into the Qoheleth’s thoughts as he explores the hard reality of injustice, oppression, and death. Be warned. His thoughts are brutally honest. He doesn’t give us answers like we might expect or want. This doesn’t end on a high note. What he does do, however, is invite us to be real with our own internal struggles and doubts and skepticism. So we’re going to look deeper than we tend to look at the problems that plague our society.

Looking deep into these problems is not something we tend to do very often, if at all. It’s unpleasant. As often as we might find ourselves traveling down that road, we find off-ramps that lead to escapes. We find distractions in life, whether it be work or games or eating or alcohol or drugs.

How do you live in a world of oppression and injustice?