Light in the Darkness

December 18, 2022 Download: Audio

Isaiah 9:1-7

Darkness and light have rich imagery in the Bible. While we like to associate the light with Christmas, we don’t often associate the dark. But if we are to really understand the meaning and story of Christmas, we must understand the dark aspect to it. Christmas time is filled with songs of sleigh bells and warm fuzzy television specials. You probably get lots of Christmas cards with cute pictures and clever words about holiday cheer. It’s the season for vague optimism without any specific reason why. While this may help one feel good, it is the fruit of a message very contrary to the real Christmas story. The vagueness as to the source of the optimism is a politically correct message because it allows people to fill in the blank. The implied source of the optimism is a general faith in mankind. “If we’ll just stop and think about what’s important, we can make the world a better place.” It sounds great and when we hear it in cute television specials we’re glad our children are watching. But make no mistake, this message is not Biblically based. The story of Christmas reveals a dark side. Yet even the dark side plays an important role. Jesus shines brightest when you are in the dark.