Living Waters

September 9, 2018 Download: Audio

John 7:37-39

In West Texas, which is mostly desert, there is a natural spring, San Solomon Spring, that feeds a swimming pool in Balmorhea State Park. It’s the largest of its kind at 1.75 acres. In the midst of the desert is this oasis, never drying up and at a constant level with continual fresh water. It’s waters flow from the pool through canals that allow crops to grow in the desert and eventually fill Balmorhea Lake. In contrast is Ink’s Lake in the Hill Country. It too is a popular spot for weekenders. While it’s level is kept fairly constant, its water source is Lake Buchanan which shows the high cost of Ink’s lake’s plenty.

In this passage, Jesus uses this imagery to paint a picture of what your life can look like when you believe in Him. “Whoever believes in me will have living waters flowing out of his heart.” It points a picture of a person who’s life is like San Solomon Springs. Life flows out in such a way that it blesses those around, in contrast to Ink’s Lake, which sucks the life of those around. This is the impact of belief in Jesus. How do we have this impact?

Jesus says, if anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.