Master of the Storm

September 3, 2017 Download: Audio

Mark 4:35-41

Before Harvey arrived, I was on the skeptical side. Hurricane, smurricane. We’ve been there before and come out just fine. Then it arrived and the rains came down, and down, and down. The bayous filled up, the reservoirs filled up. And the rains came down more. Water started to rise on the streets, filling cars, leaving people stranded. As it rose in the streets people asked, “do I stay or do I go?” Soon the water was too high for cars. The water had people trapped. Who knew that our fisherman would save the day? Before Harvey, who had heard of the Cajun Navy? As all of this is happening different emotions are roiling. At first there was a bit of excitement. Then anxiety. Then fear. Then despair. How do you face these feelings? How do you face a future with no answers? Once you had faith in a promising future. You had a picture of what your life would look like and where you wanted to go.

As we take a closer look we find that faith in Jesus is the counter to fear. He reveals himself as the Master over the storm, the Master in the storm, and the Master that endures the storm.