Mission or Margin?

January 9, 2022 Download: Audio

Matthew 8:18-22

With every new year comes an inclination to reevaluate things, especially after the past two years we’ve had. The holidays can be nice breaks but with all of the changes to routine they bring, they do little to invite us to reflect. And so January has become a traditional time to rethink goals and priorities. As you do, I think it’s worth asking, “have I known joy this past year?” You could also ask, have I known love? Have I known peace? Have I known patience, or kindness, or goodness, or faithfulness, or gentleness, or self-control? These, of course, are what Paul describes as fruit of the spirit. The fruit you experience is a good indication of what is going on inside of you. These are called fruit of the spirit of God, meaning that you will experience these when the spirit of God is at work inside you. You can choose to live in a way that drinks from the spirit of God or in a way that hinders the flow of the spirit of God. And you know which it is by the fruit you experience.