Nurture Your Thought Life

October 27, 2019 Download: Audio

Philippians 4:8-9

These are such lofty verses. They fit into a larger context, of course. Paul has been talking about where the peace of God comes from. Last week we talked about the kind of prayer that leads to the peace of God. It is practiced prayer, learning to come as a supplicant before the King who has the power to grant your supplication and as a child before his father who has the desire to grant your supplication, tempered, of course, with a higher wisdom that is for your good. We come with supplication and thanksgiving. And this kind of prayer, when practiced, produces peace.
The verses from this morning build on that. It has to do with another kind of practice. It’s the practice of what you do in your mind, what you put in your head. And this too is important to experience peace.