Olivette Discourse: The Day and the Hour

June 2, 2024 Download: Audio

Mark 13:28-37

This morning we wrap up our look at the Olivette discourse in Mark 13. As Jesus left Jerusalem the week of his death he teaches on the destruction of the temple that his disciples so admired. While it should be a text that further establishes Jesus as sent from God for giving such a specific prediction that comes true exactly as he states, it has become fuel for the Bible critic to say that Jesus was mistaken. They say he’s mistaken not because of his prediction about the destruction of the temple as that did happen just as he predicted in 70 AD, but instead by including his coming in the clouds in power and glory in the things that will happen within the timeframe he gives—a generation. To resolve the difficulty, last week we considered the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem as evidence of his coming in the clouds in great power and glory. This fits the Old Testament parallels when prophets predict judgments upon nations that we know have been fulfilled.

Why does he give such teaching? He explains it to them so that those who believe him will escape the coming judgment. How will believing him lead to their escape? By doing what he says. That’s what faith looks like in their case. And, of course, it is the same for us. How will we escape judgment when it comes? By believing Jesus, which means living the way he has instructed us to live. That’s what faith means.

Jesus provides a way of escaping God’s judgment, therefore we must trust him. That means being certain he is true, and being ready when the time comes.