Purity and the Promise

June 14, 2015 Download: Audio

Genesis 35:1-15

One of the doctrines expounded during the Reformation is the perseverance of the saints. It’s the doctrine that says Christians will persevere in their faith to the end. What does that mean exactly? It is a doctrine often misunderstood. On the one hand it creates a great fear in moments of weakness and periods of backsliding as people who thought they were once safe in God’s hands perhaps never were in the first place. On the other hand it creates a driving sense of the need to demonstrate and prove ones faith to God. We tend to get things backward and think, “If I can persevere and prove myself to God then he will accept me.”

And so we take steps toward purity. We make commitments and recommitments and confessions and devotions to good works time and again. But the Bible speaks of a different way. When God calls for purity, that is, a solitary devotion to Him, it comes after God has proved himself. That is what separates Christianity from the other religions of the world. It is because God proves His promises, that we must practice purity.