The Spirit-filled Husband

February 25, 2018 Download: Audio

Ephesians 5:18-33

This morning we shift to talk about what a spirit-filled husband looks like in his relationship to his wife. His calling is to give himself up for her. How can he do this? By being filled with the Spirit. Let me simplify it like this. What keeps a man from “giving himself up” for his wife? There is tension in a marriage. There are past hurts and grudges carried around. Over time, there is increasing memory of a tug-of-war over how things are handled, from toilet lids to timeliness, to raising kids. For him to “give himself up” seems self-defeating. It asks him to let go of all the things he holds onto that make him feel some measure of significance in the eyes of his wife and others. That’s tremendously hard to do! In fact, I would say that without the Spirit opening your eyes to the greater reality of who you are in Christ, you will always be fighting to maintain your place of importance in the marriage. So be filled with the Spirit, men, and love your wife.