Striving and the Promise

May 31, 2015 Download: Audio

Genesis 32:22-32

As we continue with a look at the patriarchs, particularly Jacob, we learn about faith and how it is formed. The patriarchs had a promise from God for the future of their family and their inheritance. This promise propelled them to live as they lived. What is so helpful to us about their stories is that we see how this faith developed. It wasn’t automatic. Even though the knowledge of the promises were passed down from father to son, faith in these promises had to be born of God. And that birthing process wasn’t always quick and it wasn’t always easy. In fact, I would say it’s never easy. Isaac doesn’t give way to God’s promise until he’s on his death bed. Jacob, although he’s had a couple of encounters now with God, and even believes God’s promises for his blessing to be true, hasn’t yet learned to walk by faith in God to deliver on these promises. It isn’t until this particular encounter with God that his faith begins to take shape.