The Tale of Two Cities

August 14, 2016 Download: Audio Notes

Isaiah 25-26

Isaiah speaks into a climate of uncertainty when the people’s optimism armor seemed ready for the scrap heap. As we’ve already seen, Isaiah points out their place in a much larger picture. It is this larger picture that refuels the optimism of God’s people, even when their nation is bound for disaster. That disaster is not the end of the story and God’s people need not be resigned to despair. They have a place of significance in God’s plans and Isaiah shows them this. He does so by telling the tale of two cities in contrast. One is lofty; the other lowly. One is doomed; the other defended; One is blind and takes life; the other is bright and gives life. When you see them in contrast, it’s pretty obvious which city is preferred. God calls us to live as citizens of His city.