The Beginning of the Gospel

December 3, 2023 Download: Audio

Mark 1:1-15

If you took a look back at your life, you can probably think of one or two important moments that were pivotal in shaping the rest of your life. For some of you, the day you got married was one of those moments. Or the day you had your first child. Some of you might remember the day you decided where to go to school, or when you chose a major or accepted that first career-shaping job. These moments are filled with significance for your life.

The opening of this gospel speaks of one of those significant moments. It’s scope, however, is far greater than you. It’s scope is all of history. It is the defining moment of history, the hinge upon which history itself turns. That’s the significance of Jesus coming into the world and it is what we will talk about in the coming weeks as we begin a new series in the gospel of Mark. It will take us from Advent to Pentecost next year.