The Call of God: The Great Commission

September 8, 2013 Download: Audio

Matthew 28:18-20

My daughter loves to climb trees. During one of our visits to Brazos Bend State Park she climbed a very old and very large Live Oak tree. When it came time to leave, she found that she couldn’t get down. So I moved underneath her, held out my arms, and told her to jump. She could see me just fine. She knew that I loved her and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She even knew that I was fully capable of catching her. And yet, she wouldn’t jump. Why not? All of her knowledge was merely intellectual. She had never jumped out of a tree that high before. On the other hand, she also knew that if I didn’t catch her that she would hit the ground hard. It would hurt. She might even break something. She had fallen before and knew those things from experience. Would she jump? Finally she did, and I caught her. In the space of a heartbeat the fear was gone. The next day when she needed help getting out of the tree, there was less hesitation in jumping to me. Why is that? Her previous action had been a means toward faith.