The Church is a Bride

November 6, 2011 Download: Audio

Revelation 16:6-9; 21:1-4

The final event described in the Bible is a wedding. The Church is a bride. She is the bride of all brides. She is the bride that all other brides prepare us to see. She is the bride that marries her husband so that the two can live happily ever after. This is the stuff of fairy tales.

CS Lewis was once an atheist but good friends with another famous writer, JRR Tolkien. In a conversation about about literature Lewis expressed his befuddlement as to how his favorite stories, the Norse myths, could be so moving and not true. Tolkien challenged him. “On the contrary, they are true.” Perhaps not in all the details but the essence of these old stories, just as fairy tales, points us to the one grand story that is unfolding in history. It is our story, the story of a girl (or people) who loses her mother (or paradise) and consequently gets put under an evil spell that affects all of the kingdom (the spell of sin and the consequent curse upon the earth). The only way the spell is broken is for the handsome prince to come and destroy the witch (sin and death) and set free the princess. The only thing left is for the two to get married to restore the once cursed kingdom. This is the story we find in the Bible. Only the young women is the Church and the handsome prince is Jesus. It is a moving story, one that I hope moves you to a deeper awareness of the love of God for you and a consequent eagerness to be His bride. You see, because Christ marries His bride, the Church, there really is a happily ever after.