The City of God (Ps 48)

February 20, 2022 Download: Audio

Psalm 48

As the days unfold, revealing an increase in anxiety and pessimism about the future, we need psalms like this. It’s a meditation on the strength and love of God. This is the meaning of verse 9,

​We have thought on your steadfast love, O God, in the midst of your temple.

The growing tensions in the world press the reality of danger deep into our thoughts. It is no wonder that mental health needs are skyrocketing. The American Psychological Association reports a large increase in demand for treatment of anxiety and depression in 2021. Waitlists are growing to the point that 41% of psychologists report being unable to meet their demand and 46% of them reported being burned out themselves from the overload of work. While psychotherapy has some value, it doesn’t address the most fundamental need. We need to know that everything is going to be okay. While a therapist might say that to a client, the reassurance needs more than just words to work in the long term. It needs truth. It needs evidence. This psalm gives us those things.

It reassures us that everything is going to be okay, though there are real dangers and real enemies lurking at the door. It does so by inviting us to meditate on the city of God.