The Death of Jesus

June 30, 2024 Download: Audio Notes

Mark 15:1-39

As you may have noticed, the world we live in is increasingly divided. People are divided over politics, practices, and faith perspectives. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. When we look across the world we see Biblical Christianity growing. And we also see devout secularism growing. The middle is losing ground. Instead of having reasonable discussions on these opposing views of the world, whether because of hostilities or fear, the dominant approach is to mock and denounce the other side because they have “closed their eyes to the truth.”

That is not a healthy thing to do, however. It may feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t bring people together. It further divides.

The reality is your worldview isn’t just a matter of the head. It is also a matter of the heart. Facts are important, as all worldviews must fit the facts. But facts aren’t enough. There is a heart component. We are driven by that which captivates our heart. This is why the truth we find in the Bible is found in stories. The stories invite us to feel, not just to think. And the ultimate story we find in the Bible is the story of Jesus. And the ultimate action we find by Jesus is found in his death. Jesus death invites us to believe.