The Lord’s Supper

June 16, 2024 Download: Audio

Mark 14:22-72

I know this is a long passage and we’re not going to explore each verse but rather make some observations of the overarching story. It begins with the institution of the Lord’s Supper, something we celebrate each week. It is the reason that Jesus endured this fateful night. I think it is grossly under-appreciated and poorly understood. This morning we will address this. Whether you realize it or not, you need spiritual food as much as physical food, that your spirit and your faith may be revived and refueled. The Lord’s supper is given to us as a means toward this.

There is a good example of this in the life of David. Before David was king he and his band of mighty men returned home one day to find that it had been raided and their wives and family had been taken. It was a devastating blow to their morale. They were already worn out from their battles and in need of rest and recovery when this took place. And now “they raised their voices and wept until they had no more strength to weep.” David’s men were so upset they were ready to stone David. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. How did David do that? The clue is in “his God” at the end of the sentence. David had a personal faith in his covenant God. That, is where he began. The Lord’s supper points us to this covenant God and invites us to him through personal faith.