The Nature of the Gospel

December 10, 2023 Download: Audio

Mark 1:21-39

Charlemagne was crowned emperor on Christmas day, 800 AD and sought to restore the Roman Empire throughout Europe and make it a Christian empire. Witukind was a Saxon ruler who eluded Charlemagne’s attempts for years as he rallied the rebel tribes in the North of Europe to resist. But when he was finally defeated he was brought before Charlemagne and given a choice: be baptized into the name of Christ or die. He was baptized. While these medieval conversions weren’t in keeping with Jesus’ way of preaching, it nonetheless produced at least one understanding of what it means to be a Christian that many of us today lack. Witukind understood that if he was baptized, he had not choice but to look to Jesus as his king and God. His old gods would abandon him. His baptism was a vow of allegiance before Jesus as king.

How has Jesus reveal his kingdom? Through his power and his preaching.