The Stairway to Heaven

May 17, 2015 Download: Audio

Genesis 28:10-22

People don’t like the idea of religious exclusivity. “Religion leads to hate because it breeds a sense of superiority.” As a Christian I won’t argue with that assessment. The idea of religion is this: “here is how you must live in order to climb the stairway to heaven.” Many embrace this idea because it gives a sense of worth and superiority. Others reject it for the same reason.

And yet, even those who reject it can’t escape their own version of a stairway to heaven. It isn’t called that, of course, but it amounts to the same thing. It’s this idea of finding the right path for you. It says, “listen to your heart and be who you are. That’s how you’ll find happiness. That’s how you’ll find fulfillment.” This is simply another stairway to heaven, a personalized one, as it were, but nonetheless, it amounts to the same way. So, even those who would reject religion’s portrayal of a stairway to heaven haven’t rejected the idea of a stairway itself. We can’t. We’re all climbing some ladder somewhere because we feel the need for something more than we have now.

So…is there a stairway to heaven? If so, how do we find it? In this passage in Genesis the patriarch Jacob dreams about it and it doesn’t fit this picture at all. We discover who finds, what it is, and how you climb it.