The Thirst of the Soul (Ps 63)

May 22, 2022 Download: Audio

Psalm 63

One morning this week we were talking about the effects of the altitude, the dryness, and the pollens in the air as we rode around Colorado. It seems everyone’s eyes were feeling it. For those with contacts, however, things seem to be doubly harsh. I was unaware my friend wore contacts until he described what his nearsightedness was like. Growing up he could never see far away with any clarity. When his eyes were finally examined and glasses were crafted for him, he recalls being pleasantly shocked at how clear and sharp everything was far away. He never knew it could be such. When you read many of the psalms, you find descriptions similar to this, only with regard to the eyes of the heart rather than the eyes on your face. He seems to describe something so soul stirring that life will never be the same again. It would be like living in a world with clear vision and losing your glasses and going back to a time when everything was fuzzy. Once you’ve seen the world in its beauty and you know what it looks like, you can’t go back to the fuzziness that you knew before. Everything in you screams to get it back.

As much as this might be true with your sight, how much more so with the eyes of your heart? The psalmist describes what its like being removed from the one that satiated his soul.