The Thirsty Soul (Ps 42)

October 24, 2021 Download: Audio

Psalm 42

Like so many of the psalms, this one is written about a time in great distress. The past couple of years have brought such times for many all across the world, with the turmoil of covid and the cultural shifts that can weigh heavy on the heart. Such times make us aware of our emptiness. They can drive us toward despair and the desire to retreat. Are you familiar with such times? It is often in the midst of such times that we question God. “Where is God in this tragedy?” We find the same question in this Psalm in verse 3 and again in verse 10, “Where is your God?” I’m sure the question resonated in the ears of the psalmist as he experienced a particularly desperate time. He asks a similar question in verse 9, “why have you forgotten me?” And yet, the psalmist does not despair. How does he do that? That’s what we’re after this morning. Because particularly hard times has a way of catalyzing your faith one way or another. Such times can reveal where your faith resides.

So, what do you do?