Tools for Godliness: Fear of God

November 23, 2014 Download: Audio

Malachi 3:16-18

We find fear in the Bible often when it comes to God. Perhaps because of our negative associations with fear, it is hard to reckon fear ever being something good. And yet it can be. What is fear? Fear is a feeling. Your heart begins to race, you may even begin to sweat. Your senses become heightened and time seems to slow down. And that which caused it demands your attention. Sometimes the fear is unfounded because the threat isn’t real (there never were any monsters under the bed). When the threat is real, fear can save you. In fact, a failure to fear puts you in danger.

How is fear a tool for godliness? It is a tool because it cannot be ignored. To fear God is to believe that his power and presence can consume you. To fear God is to give him your undivided attention. Fear should, appropriately, be our first response to the presence of God.