Understanding God’s Heart

May 29, 2016 Download: Audio Notes

Isaiah 5

I have often wondered why so many children who grow up in the church seem to disappear when they get to college. Some come back, some don’t. Of those that do, it is usually because some crisis brings them back as they look for answers. Is this something we should grow to expect? The same thing can be said for many in the church today. They go through the motions of religion, doing their duty, but without any change wrought in their heart. What is going on? It’s the same thing that was going on in Isaiah’s day. We bare bad fruit, which is good only for the fire. The thing that Israel forgot was the care of God on their behalf. They forgot that he was their vinedresser. They forgot all of the ways in which he lavished his love upon them. And often we do too. We forget, or fail to value, the love of God for us. Because God cares for his vineyard we must live in light of that care.