Voice of the Wicked (Ps 36)

August 15, 2021 Download: Audio

Psalm 36

“What’s the harm in it? What’s the big deal?” Have you ever heard this from someone trying to convince you to do something that you’re hesitant to do? There is a reason for that hesitancy. More than likely your conscience is sending up a warning flare. “This isn’t right” is the sense of it. But then questions like this come and it is hard to say no. You don’t want to disappoint or be contrary and it perhaps does look a little exciting and fun. So you do it. Do you know what happens the next time a similar opportunity comes along? You don’t hear that voice of hesitancy anymore. The voice of conscience has been silenced, at least when it comes to this particular activity. Instead, your voice becomes the one egging on the other hesitant ones. Has this ever happened to you?
David teaches us something about this in this psalm. He helps us understand ourselves and the difficult path we find ourselves on without the intervening love of God.