Walk, Talk, Listen, Laugh

September 26, 2021 Download: Audio

Deuteronomy 6

When my kids were younger and we would go to the movie, they knew the way home would be a conversation about it. I’d ask, what was good about the movie? What part of the story was powerful? What was wrong about the movie? These questions would help us dissect the worldview hidden in the story. It was a lot of fun for me, though I’m not sure it was for them. They just wanted to watch and not think about it. But that’s dangerous and here’s why. Our culture shapes the way understand the world. It shapes how we discern right from wrong and how we think we should live our lives. It is constantly modeling for us a way of life. It’s like we’re being carried by the current and unless we know how to counter that current, we’ll wind up wherever it is taking us.