Walking through Suffering with the Psalms (Ps 69)

June 12, 2022 Download: Audio

Psalm 69

Songs are powerful. Have you ever tried to write one? They seek to capture an experience, communicate a story, often from the perspective of how that story affects the heart. If you’re successful, your song opens a window to your soul.

What’s so great about the psalms is that they often show us how our own soul moves from one place to another in terms of well-being. We need this because we often get stuck and don’t know how to get out. For example, some get stuck in a place of depression and despair. When you’re there, you just don’t want to do anything so the feeling stagnates. Or you might get stuck in a place of weariness which leaves you lacking the emotionally energy to get out of it. While we might know things aren’t how they ought to be, we feel stuck. Psalms show you the way out.