When the Pattern Breaks (Ps 44)

October 31, 2021 Download: Audio

Psalm 44

Have you felt a sense of despair and a desire to quit everything at some time during the past couple of years? It seems like the Psalms beat this drum and perhaps the time in which we live makes us all the more in tune with it. And there are good reasons to feel that way, as you all know. One of the difficult things about feeling this way, if you’re a Christian, is that it can pose a challenge to your faith. Front and center to the covenant God made to the people of Israel under Moses was blessing when living in accord with God’s law and cursing when living out of accord with God’s law. Go check out Deuteronomy 28
to read in detail.

And you’ve probably experienced some of that. Perhaps you saw it growing up in your home. When you obeyed your parents they blessed you, and when you disobeyed your parents they disciplined you. For the most part, the law is established to do that very thing. So when things don’t line up like that, you can feel something kin to betrayal. So what do you do? You can either see it as a breach of contract and quit the relationship (many do, as we see church attendance in American shrinking today), or you can hold on. But then you face another quandry. How do you do that without growing bitter toward God, or living with a crippling frustration?