Sermon Series

Prayer and Fasting

For 30 days we will join churches across Katy and West Houston to pray for our neighbors. To help us prepare, we will take a Biblical look at prayer and fasting and why and how we are to do it.

Thy Will be Done - James 4 1-8 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
/ Carter Sanger

When God Answers Prayer

James 4:1-8 ...
Humility and Boasting
/ Carter Sanger

Humility in Prayer

Psalm 131, ...
Pray as a child with a parent
/ Carter Sanger

Pray as a Child

Matthew 18:1-4 ...
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church - Time Alone with God
/ Carter Sanger

Prayer and Time Alone with God

Mark 1:35-38 ...
Why Pray - Awaken West Houston Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
/ Nathan Cotton

Why Pray?

Mark 9:17-29 ...
What does a Biblical fast look like
/ Carter Sanger

Why Fast?

Isaiah 58:1-12 ...