Carter Sanger

Carter has served as Lead Pastor of Cornerstone since 2005, when he moved to Katy with his wife Rhonda, his sons Dunning, Mercer, and Fenton, and daughter Eliana. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Oklahoma University and a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Carter has served as a Youth and Family Pastor at Northwest Presbyterian in Dublin, Ohio and as a Pastor of Theological Education at Heritage Presbyterian in Oklahoma.

The Alarm is Ringing - Cornerstone Presbyterian Church sermon
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The Hour has Come

Romans 13:11-14 ...
Thy Will be Done - James 4 1-8 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
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When God Answers Prayer

James 4:1-8 ...
Humility and Boasting
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Humility in Prayer

Psalm 131, ...
Pray as a child with a parent
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Pray as a Child

Matthew 18:1-4 ...
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church - Time Alone with God
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Prayer and Time Alone with God

Mark 1:35-38 ...
What does a Biblical fast look like
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Why Fast?

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Cornerstone Church Romans 13 8-10 love one another
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Love and the Law

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Christians and the State
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Christians and the State

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The Lord's Anointed - Cornerstone Church sermon

The Lord’s Anointed

Joshua 5:10-15 ...
Seed of the Woman - Cornerstone Church Genesis 3:1-19 Sermon

Seed of the Woman

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