Children’s Sunday School Lessons for May 10

These are the final Sunday school lessons for this school year.  What a crazy end!  And no End-of-the-Year party.

Please don’t forget to continue working on the Catechism over the summer.  As well as the scripture memory which was provided at the beginning of the year in your parent packet.  If you cannot locate your family’s copy, please let me know.  I’m happy to send it out.  Grace to you all!

PK / Kindergarten:  May 10 – Lesson PK May 10 – Object Lesson PK

1st – 3rd Graders:  May 10 – Lesson LE

4th – 5th Graders:  May 10 – Lesson UE

Children’s Sunday School Lessons

By now, your kids have been out of school for almost two weeks and you might be running out of things to do.  I thought providing the Sunday school lessons for Sundays, March 15 and 22 would give your families something to do together.  The curriculum uses the Gospel Story Bible which many of you have. If not, here is a link to purchase on Amazon.

The Old Story New family devotional book offers great ideas for short object lessons to support these Sunday school lessons.   Amazon

No one knows how long the school closures and social distancing will go on.  So I plan to continue posting these Sunday school lessons each week. God bless you and your family during this crazy time.  I pray for God’s continued protection over our families.  Be a blessing!

 Sunday, March 15

PK & K – Mar 15 – Lesson PK

1st – 3rd Grades – Mar 15 – Lesson LE

4th-5th Grades – Mar 15 – Lesson UE

 Sunday, March 22

PK & K – Mar 22 – Lesson PK

1st – 3rd Grades – Mar 22 – Lesson LE

4th-5th Grades – Mar 22 – Lesson UE

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