Andrew Brunson to remain in custody, next hearing October 12

A Turkish court ordered Andrew Brunson returned to prison on July 18, and set his next hearing for October 12. The EPC Teaching Elder is being tried on charges of espionage and aid to terrorist groups. “I am deeply saddened by this morning’s ruling,” said Jeff Jeremiah, EPC Stated Clerk. “Thankfully, our Lord was not

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Return Those Baby Bottles

Even though the due date of June 17 has come and gone, it’s never to late to turn in the Pregnancy Help Center baby bottles.  Even if they are empty, please return them.  Thank you!!

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Guatemala Team Needs Your Old Luggage

The Guatemala team wants your old, used luggage to transport some items donated for the Guatemalan people.  They will leave this luggage in Guatemala and will not be bringing it back.  If you have large luggage to donate (that can carry 50 lbs of contents), please bring it to Cornerstone.

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Ways to Support the Guatemala Mission Trip

This Sunday, be sure to stop by the Guatemala display in the foyer of the Sanctuary to learn the latest about the upcoming trip.  The display provides more information on how you can be part of the mission, even if you are unable to travel with the team. Pray:  Pray for the team, the people

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UH Bridges Christmas Party [Help Needed]

This Saturday, December 2nd, Bridges Int’l is excited to host a Christmas Party for their international student friends! Their hope is that as they celebrate Christmas with their students and share the gospel through the Christmas story that many will learn the truth of Jesus and believe in Him. They need help with food for

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Feeding B4 Feasting 2017

This is Cornerstone’s 11th year to host our Feeding B4 Feasting event. The purpose of Feeding B4 Feasting is to provide Thanksgiving meals for the hungry before we enjoy our own feasts. This year, our meals will be provided to Katy Christian Ministries, who will distribute them to the least, lost and left behind in

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