Men’s Prayer and Breakfast – Where is the Lord leading?


I hope you’re looking forward to our time together. Here’s what we’ll be looking at tomorrow. We’re following one of Paul’s missionary journeys which takes him out of the world of the Jews an into a world more like our own. Along the way we consider how God leads us and how we should relate with others along the way. Take a look in Acts 16 and 17 and consider:

  • In circumcising Timothy, was Paul betraying what he had defended so strongly at Antioch and in the apostolic council (of Acts 15)? What principle drove his decision?
  • Have you experienced “closed doors,” as Paul’s team did when trying to enter Asia and Bithynia, only to learn later the unexpected direction that the Lord intended to take you?
  • How could Paul and Silas sing in the Philippian jail, with welts on their backs and stocks on their ankles?

See you tomorrow!

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