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haiti-reliefGot an email from Ben Homan (Food for the Hungry) and wanted to pass it along that you might be encouraged and pray with specifics regarding Haiti.

Hi there Carter,

Hope you are well. Typing here at 30,000+ feet, en route to Haiti.  I will
try to send this on one of my layovers.  Would love to have your
continuing prayers.  Oh, and technology permitting, I hope to share a
report from Port-au-Prince.  But meanwhile, here’s a quick update.  Food
for the Hungry’s Director of Health Programs recently wrote from Haiti
saying, “Haitians are influencing people from other nations through their
courage and faithfulness.” He went on to show how this is a two-way
relationship saying, “The huge worldwide response is giving Haitians hope
that they can pull through this. As C.S. Lewis has termed it, there’s a
‘good infection’ happening here, and we need to keep it going.”

It has been humbling to see this “worldwide infection” to provide care for
Haiti, even within the ministry of Food for the Hungry. Our staff in the
Democratic Republic of Congo live in one of the world’s poorest and most
war-torn countries. Yet, they have taken up a collection among themselves
to help Haitians.

Our very own staff in Bangladesh, also one of the world’s poorest
countries, have raised $1,168 to date, more than 10 months salary for a
typical Bangladeshi staff member.

We give thanks to God for such an outpouring of love from staff and so
many partners in ministry throughout the world.

A short update on work in Haiti is included below. We give thanks that,
this week, Food for the Hungry has received a two million dollar grant
from the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance toward rebuilding
efforts. This can only happen through a strong public-private partnership.
It was the private funding that enabled our staff to be first-responders
and create a strong proposal for the U.S. Government to fund. Now the
initial private investment is being multiplied. All of this is toward the
end of hope for Haiti.

In addition to the news below, I hope you can take a moment to read a
reflection a member of the FH relief staff wrote last weekend.
http://fhrelief.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/not-abandoned/ Her
Christ-centered words are the foundation of our hope for Haiti.

May the Lord bless you as you join with many to extend compassion and care
for Haiti.

All the best to you,


NEWS: Food and Hygiene Kits Distributed

Food and hygiene kits reached more than 1,700 Haitians through Food for
the Hungry (FH) distributions on February 1, 2010. Distributions will
continue in coming days. Shelter kits will also be provided to give
protection, as the rainy season nears.

According to Sara Sywulka, FH Relief Director, “Everyone is concerned
about the lack of sanitation that could lead to disease.”  FH water and
sanitation efforts include latrine construction, neighborhood clean-up,
water filtration and water storage.

“Child friendly” spaces have been created to serve at-risk children in
target areas. These spaces are designed to provide safe, structured areas
for play, learning and trauma therapy.

Food for the Hungry is laying the groundwork for rebuilding efforts.
Rebuilding programs involve rubble removal and reconstruction and will
also provide employment for many Haitians-a vital aspect of economic

Target communities for FH’s relief work are: Bellevue La Montagne, Siloe,
Kenscoff and Aux Cadets. There are more than 50,000 displaced people in
these communities, and more than 120,000 people are affected.

Additional FH Activities

.  A team of five doctors have arrived from Food for the Hungry-Canada and
are working in Petionville on triage and other medical needs. They are
serving hundreds of people each day.

.  A 16-member disaster response team from Korean Food for the Hungry
International is on the ground and serving at two hospitals.

.  FH reopened a facility that serves people with HIV and distributed
hygiene kits and insecticide nets. HIV care and prevention programs were a
primary focus of FH’s pre-earthquake work in Haiti. Today, those living
with HIV are especially vulnerable to infections, disease and other health

Web updates are available at www.fh.org/haiti.

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